Introducing: Floodliners

Floodliners wearing their new merch!

Left to right: Daniel, Lizzy, Georgia, Jodie and Ellis!

Floodliners are a new female fronted band aged 16-19 who are born and raised in South East London. Meeting at a songwriting workshop at Goldsmiths University back in 2010, they decided to stay as a band when the funding ran out for their workshop; continuing to develop their sound before setting off to gig around London for the following 2 years.

During these 2 years of gigging, the young band have conquered many famous venues such as: Indigo2, Islington O2 Academy, 100 Club, Barfly, The Borderline and many more.  Having also appeared on BBC The Breakfast Show; playing a song live and having an interview with Paul Ross and Gabby Roslin, they are going from strength to strength.

Floodliners have a unique sound that can’t be put into one genre. The band often describe it as ‘pop-punk-electro-hiphop’ although many have said it is the sound of a lost generation. Songs in their set include ‘Can’t Afford It’ which is one of their most popular songs written about the recession. During this song the band throw out some of their merch into the audience – which as you can imagine creates a stir..

Aside from their refreshing sound, they are electrifying on stage; not only with their performance but fashion sense too. The females in the band have a huge interest in fashion and love customising their outfits with safety pins, spikes, sequins and ripping up their clothes to help portray their sound. They always get the crowd pumping and leave a mark where ever they go.

With a growing fanbase online and support from known artists such as McFly and Divinity Roxx these guys are heading up the right path. Recently featuring on a new online TV show called TryLife which have a following of over 100K they are going to be on the tips of everyones tongues.

Join their journey, follow their blog and watch them flood through the music industry!

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