Floodliners @ The Bedford

We had so much fun at The Bedford last night! Thankyou to all the people who came to support us :)

We had so much fun at The Bedford last night! Left to right: Daniel, Lizzy, Jodie, Georgia, Ellis

So last night we had the challenge of performing our new song ‘Predictable’ for the first time… With minor rehearsals we had a feeling we thought we had exterminated months ago. We were nervous. We had gotten so wrapped up in creating a super tight set that we had forgotten the vulnerable feeling of playing a new song live.

‘Predictable’ is about not letting anyone walk over you, or control you. It was written to help people stand up for themselves and release all the pain a person may have caused them – in of course the most fiery Floodliner way possible…

With lyrics like “Ima come with fire, a dragon behind ya, strike you blind like my lady Godiva”,  this song means a lot to us as we are strongly against any types of bullying; whether it is in a classroom or in a relationship. Many women/young girls (or men) don’t even realise that they are victims to rape or abuse whilst with their partners. They think its acceptable because they are titled ‘in a relationship’, when in fact it’s not. Young girls (or boys) are often pressurised by their partners to experience things they’re not ready for so they don’t seem ‘uncool’ or get embarrassed.

We feel that if this song can help even one person change the way they see their situation, help them or even feel like they’re not alone, we’d be more than satisfied.

We placed ‘Predictable’ in the middle of our set,  cleverly sandwiching it with our tighter songs (so incase it flopped the audience would forget about it after hearing our last 4 songs hehe…). Looking down at our set list we all nervously starting laughing because ‘Predictable’ was next.

Hearts pounding, adrenaline levels were off the scale. The song begun, with our best efforts to be as tight as possible, it paid off. By the end chorus the audience were chanting along; we couldn’t have been more grateful.

Last night showed us that this song has the potential to spread a clear message, giving us even more drive to get it recorded asap so you all can hear it!…

But for now you’ll just have to come to one of our gigs!

Sending Floodlove,


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